PhD thesis  in the Evolution of Digital technology using New Technologies and design Tools

PhD Dissertation Title:“Research and digital parametric design tools – a respective active relationship among materials, construction and software”.

Dept of Architectural Design and Architectural Technology
School of Architecture | Faculty of Technology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Under the supervision of a triple advisory committee consisting of : K. Ioannidis
(Supervisor – Professor, Architect Engineer), Z. Karamanou (Professor, Architect Engineer), & K.Tsouros (Professor of the General Department of Computer Studies).

Abstract :

The Architectural design always was and will be a collaborative project between architects, engineers, and other specialists. As is well known, the modern digital technologies and globalization have changed the Architectural design in general.

In recent years, growing projects that are more complex and the new research in the majority of universities becomes a more demanding architectural process to cope with these new data. Thus, according to the universal interactivity of internet and the new flow of data, the contemporary architectural practice adapted.

According to all the above, the architecture design process always changes because the software always updates with new tools and the development – innovation are in the first line of progress.

The ‘clever’ and proper use of various programs and technologies can bring the desired result in a quick and easy way to design. The storage and retrieval of design data through databases, the workflow and the exchange of information through cloud technology, the open-source programming platforms (scripting) in conjunction with parametric programs and software of B.I.M. and A.E.C. industry (through I.F.C. protocols) can bring flexibility to architecture process.

A collaborative design platform will be classified as successful if it involves and supports most of these features, so that different user groups of scientists can adopt it. Additional, it can further enhance the possibilities to explore new areas in the design process. The technological developments of the last decade set the framework for a new approach to the same concept.

In collaboration computational design, configuration and data-base shows a new design to which contribute many disciplines, from computer science to the science of materials, which reaches a depth of biology and chemistry. The ‘new’ architect, to be able to succeed on his role, should have knowledge in many areas. Because the planning process realizes the building as a whole, so to be able to ‘visualize’ and designed a project must have in mind from the beginning that all these tools combine and use that is given.

By combining computational design, smart materials and parameters emerges a new vision of design starts, which includes variation information, interaction with the user as well as a point artificial intelligence (AI). With the continuous exchange of information and data flow is achieved interaction while combining computational design and databases to some extent the notion ‘intelligence’ as a correction of some errors in the design process.

The opinions on the existing new ways of design, composition and thinking, are divergent. In this thesis, supported the strengthening of a research field with a target variable parametric and interactive architecture and construction control that meets the greatest desires of man – user. This can be achieved by a combination – cooperation of different – but with so much in common – branches as previously reported. Their role is not to replace the ‘traditional’ ways of planning and construction, but to develop and strengthen them.

It is believed that the collaboration of various specialties under the protection of the systematic process could improve the quality of architecture and the application of modern tools, in not only theory but also mainly in practice; it will help to understand planning activity as a point of intersection of research, management technology and its parameters.

In this paper will explore the interactive relationships around software design in relation to the design of flexible parametric models, improve them and whether they are possible collaborations with other industries. Specifically analyze more ways design process via computer, and ways – techniques scripting, processing have epistemic and aesthetic impact on the design and making of architecture.

The purpose of this research is to investigate whether the software design can inform the design of flexible parametric models automatically in real time. The «common ground» between programming and parametric modeling in architecture. The practices of software engineering can be connected to the practices of parametric modeling, to create intelligent parametric models and to consider the implications of this relationship for architecture in general.

In the present study, a methodology is presented on how software engineering[1] and computational design can instantly update parametric modeling in a flexible, automated way. Researching the main aspects of the structure of software engineering, such as structured programming languages, computational intelligence[2], parametric programs, B.I.M. – A.E.C. industries, and interactive online new design technologies[3], analyzes their contribution and their possible connectivity[4] to the overall architectural and engineering design. In this way, by working together and collaboratively, a new parametric modeling method will be created.

In order to investigate the smooth operation of this case, a thorough analysis of the terms and the identification of the essential functions on architectural design and their contribution to the automation of tools to facilitate designer users are made.

The proposed collaborative platform will allow architects to share their ideas effectively, their design models, store and retrieve design data, optimizing the whole process. Supportive of an Open Source collaborative platform for immediate optimization of design time and cost, and overall improvement of design quality, leading to better design solutions and architecture in general…

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[3] ex. clouds, open source architecture, data driven, open B.I.M.

[4] I.F.C. protocols – files. Source :  [02/03/2015]

▪  Evolution Digital technology using new Technologies and design tools

▪  collaborative design platform

▪  architecture process

▪  parametric programs and software of B.I.M. and AEC industry