you can find my publications on line at :

▪ G. Vlachodimos, ‘The coherence between smart objects and Artificial Intelligence in architectural digital design process.”. Paper: International conference ‘Architecture InPlay’ Conference 2016, curated by Alexandra Paio, This publication has its origin in the paper proceedings of the that was held in Lisbon, from 11th to 13th July 2016. Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Lisbon, 2016. pgs: 163-170,  ISBN 978-989-732-805-3

▪ G. Vlachodimos, ‘A new proposal of collaborative parametric design method’. Paper: International conference of parametric design ‘SHAPES OF LOGIC’, Wroclaw, University of Technology and Faculty of Architecture. 13/03/15. Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Wrocławskiej Wrocław 2016. pgs:52-65. ISBN 978-83-7493-908-9.

▪  Open – public presentation with a video art installation in Athens of the land restoration of an old quarry in the Municipality of Glyfada, at the location Aixoni, in Glyfada, UPenn Design Summer Abroad Program.  15/06/2016

▪  WORKSHOP PRESENTATION by ECOWEEK. ‘’Discovering the unknown city.’’ ECOWEEK 2015. International conference and sustainable design. Thessaloniki.!program/c1yme, 07/11/15

▪  Presentation of my Phd research at the PhD Colloquium. Held by: Dept. of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece  19/06/2015

▪ G. Vlachodimos, Interview about young Architects by Manuel A Olivero. Italian Architectural portal finetodesign. Publish : September 2015.ARCHITETTURA, 1 Sept. 2015.

▪ G. Vlachodimos, The “reprogramming” of the architect in metadata season. Magazine “Arxitektones”, Vol.16, pgs: 22-23, October 2015. By Architects Association University Graduate.

▪ Presentation by poster : ‘Eco-city network’. Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki. Organization: imagine_the_city, citiTEN. 2014. 26/06/14

▪  «Open House Thessaloniki». Presentations of The “Amimoni” building at Rodopoleos 5str, kalamaria, Thessaloniki. Architects : G. Vlachodimos. T. Andreadou. N. Iakovou.  18-20/10/2013

▪ Presentation by poster: ‘Emergence and development of the Archaeological Site of ‘Toumpa’ in Thessaloniki’. Organization: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 1912-2012. A Century of Research in Prehistoric Macedonia. Proceedings of the International Conference, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.  22-24/11/2012

▪ Architectural Heritage in the service of the Contemporary Needs of the City. The case of the School of Architecture in Kastoria.  Andreadou Tatiana, Karadedos Georgios, Gavra Eleni, Vlachodimos Georgios, Konstantina Iakovou.  Magazine : Arhitectura. Revista Uniunii Arhitectilor din Romania. Bucuresti, May  2012. Romania.

▪’Paths and Arrivals. Designing on the Boundary between Land and Sea’. Abstracts: ICAR 2012 (Re)writing History. International Conference on Architectural Research. Universitatea de Arhitectura şi Urbanism “Ιon Mincu” – Bucureşti 2012.

▪ Public presentations and installation with projectors in Balaoritou street with the Title : «Eco_City_Network», 45th Dimitria. By the programme: ‘Green Roofs’. Held by : Municipality of Thessaloniki.  25 Sept. 2010

▪ Presentation by poster at the international symposium : ‘Designing the Future’. Held by: University Trakya, Polytechnic school of Architecture, Andrianoupole, Edirne, Turkey. 30/04/2010

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▪ G. Vlachodimos, T. Andreadou. Research Program entitled: “Extension of the character of the site & suggestions of enhancement of the area of “Coastal Area of the Municipality of Epanomi, Thessaloniki.” Exhibition that took place at AUTH in dedication to the 50-year anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering, AUTH.