I was born in Thessaloniki and graduated from the school of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
I hold an MSc master in the Protection, Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Monuments from the same university.
In April 2020 I presented my Ph.D. thesis in the Evolution of Digital technology using New Technologies and design tools. Title: “Research and digital parametric design tools – a respective active relationship among materials, construction and software”.
I have participated in international conferences, workshops and exhibitions. My architectural Plans and research have been presented and published in journal articles and scientific papers.
Also, i worked in the training program in Frank Gehry Head offices in Paris in digital parametric tools with Digital Project software.
At the same time, i also work as a freelance Architect, maintaining his own Architectural Firm, while simultaneously taking part in National and International Architectural Competitions.
As a scientific associate researcher, i have participated in several research programs and in the last six years, i have hired as a temporary lecturer (pd407/80) at the same university (AUTH) with several undergraduate and postgraduate teaching courses in digital and contraction field.
I am particularly fascinated with the exploration of how the abundance of data we have access to in our world can begin to influence and form architecture. Specifically, how we can begin to create tools to accomplish this. Whether it is through applications that collect its user’s data that is applied to form…
I continue to experiment with it all, finding ways that can create a performative architecture…
I am interested in exploring new architectural practices through advanced design techniques.
Currently, i am still looking for innovative ideas in understanding the role of design as an orchestration of numerous controversial multi-agent data.
Devoted to learning and developing in all scales…